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Dentist Jobs Now operates this website, www.Dentist-Jobs-Now.com. By submitting a Contact Form on this website you are doing so under your own free will or with the authorization of the individual for whom you are making the submission. By sending us your contact information you clearly understand that we will share the information that you provided with other third party recruiters we work with. By using our website and submitting your contact form you indemnify Dentist Jobs Now and all and any third parties who may receive this Contact Form from all liability and or damages that may result.

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Dentist Jobs Now is not responsible for any fees or costs that you may incur as a result of accepting an offer of employment from a third party. Dentist Jobs Now is not responsible for paying for any expenses associated with your employment (such as travel expenses, car rentals, parking fees, tolls, health benefits, insurance premiums, per diem fees, notary fees or legal expenses, etc.). Dentist Jobs Now does not charge you a fee for using its service in matching you with a third party staffing agency.

Terms Applicable to Dental Recruitment Services

Applicants seeking healthcare employment opportunities on this website who submit a Contact Form can be contacted by third party staffing agencies.

Dentist Jobs Now does not guarantee a job offer or offer of employment. Unless expressly stated in writing, nothing contained on this website shall constitute an offer or promise of employment.

By submitting your Contact Form you agree and understand that you are submitting a request to be contacted by Dentist Jobs Now or third party staffing agency representative, and you are extending an invitation to be contacted by telephone or by email at the number(s) or email address(es) a you have provided, and you further consent to any such calls even if your phone number appears on any Do Not Call list.

You indemnify DentistJobsNow.com and our third party staffing agencies from any claims of liability or from damages that may result if you are contacted for any reason whatsoever.


We make every effort to provide information and content on this website that is accurate and reliable; however as with anything, we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Our website, information, content and services associated with Dentist Jobs Now and are provided “AS - IS”. Dentist Jobs Now disclaims any and all warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied as to any and all issues whatsoever that relate to this website or any content, information or services. You are using this website at your own risk. Neither Dentist Jobs Now nor third parties we work with are liable for any direct or indirect, punitive or any other damages that stem from or are connected with the use of this website or website links to third parties.


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Our website contains links to other third party websites. These links are provided for information purposes only. Dentist Jobs Now also participates in Google’s Adsense program, through which Dentist Jobs Now provides links to random content-based advertisements on its website for which it receives compensation on a pay per click basis. Dentist Jobs Now does not imply endorsement of any of the third party sites promoted in these random links. Dentist Jobs Now does not imply endorsements of third party websites or links on our website to third party advertisements, and is either responsible for their content or liable for any and all damages that result from their use.


Any dispute or claim related to the use of this website must be settled by arbitration in the State of Georgia and in the County of Cobb.

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We value your privacy. Dentist Jobs Now can not and does not guarantee that the personal information you provide will not be intercepted by others. To protect your privacy Dentist jobs Now does not gather any financial information, simply basic contact information on this website related to possible employment in the nursing and healthcare industry. Dentist Jobs Now will capture your IP address to verify the authenticity of your online submission of the Contact Form on our website.

Upon submitting your contact information on this website, Dentist Jobs Now arranges for a very limited number of third party staffing agencies and or recruiters to receive your contact information for purposes of discussing employment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Dentist Jobs Now is not responsible or liable for false or fraudulent contact forms being submitted containing your contact information that result in you being contacted by us or a third party. In the event that you are contacted and you did not fill out a contact form on this website, it is your responsibility to contact an Dentist Jobs Now representative immediately in writing.


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