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Seeking out the best dentist jobs can be a daunting task if you don't have a plan, especially with things seemingly slowing down. Perhaps the greatest value proposition that a good dental executive recruiter can provide any dentist seeking employment can be to save them precious time in their job search. A good headhunter can be your eyes and ears in the field. We specialize in finding full-time jobs for dentists and recruiting associates for dental practices throughout the United States. Since we specialize in finding jobs for dentists, here are a few job hunting tips for those of you who are currently conducting or plan to initiate your dental search in today's job market.

Tips For Finding Dental Employment:

1. First of all, make sure that somebody proofreads your CV or resume before you send it out. (Trust me, this is a huge mistake made all the time.) This especially holds true for dentists of foreign nationality. I'm just being honest. Having a stellar CV does not give an excuse for a potential employer to use grammar, language or communication as an excuse not to see you.

2. Be flexible in your job search parameters and requirements. Flexibility to work a few Saturdays every month can make you more marketable when comparing apples to apples. Many dentists swear by working at least a half-day on Saturday at least two or three half-Saturdays or every Saturday of the month because it is the best day to bring in new patients. From a business development and practice growth standpoint, this is important and should be highlighted on your CV if applicable to your candidacy. This is important for Dentists who are targeting Dental Associate positions with the option for buying into or outright purchasing a practice from the GP. Hiring practitioners like to see commitment and not an attitude of entitlement.

3. Remember that there is life outside of the big city and plenty of dentist jobs out there. There are about 300 million Americans living on the continent, with billions of teeth, and only 160,000 dentists. The ones who make the deliberate decision to work in the exterior suburban areas and in rural areas actually have a better chance of building a practice that can cater to specific communities and neighborhoods that have a low dentist saturation. Remember, high demand and low supply equals profit anywhere in the United States. According to published statistics the demand for dentists will increase by 18% over the next decade, the impact of which will be felt more severely outside of major metropolitan areas.

4. If you know what state or region you want to work in, find a local dental association and call them before posting your resume on their job site or classifieds. Find out if they know of any dentists that are looking for employees or hiring. Don't forget that it pays to be networked.

5. Have a plan to send out at least ONE resume a day. Sounds easy, but wait until you try putting it into practice.

Does Your Office Need To Hire a Dentist?

Obviously, if your practice needs to recruit a dentist, and you are open to training and mentoring, the fastest solution to your staffing problem is to find an entry level candidate fresh out of dental school. If you can hire a good dentist with a solid background in general dentistry, the name of the game is RETENTION after the first two years. You must provide guidance, and incentive. Unfortunately what happens during this sort of transition phase is that managing dentists find it difficult to mentor, train, run a business and be marketing their practice at the same time. What happens many times is that by the time the 2nd year dentist is ready for the next step in their career, the practice they are supporting doesn't have the revenue to justify taking this Associate to an equity position or raising the salary commensurate with their experience and they begin to look at other options (and contact me ). So choosing the right dental search firm to fill your critical dentist job vacancies is paramount.

My name is Tom Gallant. My Dental Executive Search firm focuses on separating those above average dentists who excel in their profession from those who are also on the job market but may only be dentists with average skills. We add value for the clients who hire us to fill dentist jobs (DDS and DMD jobs) within their private dental practices nationwide by thoroughly screening and qualifying dentists who are seeking placement.

Dentists Wanted for permanent dentist jobs.

If you're a Dentist, Orthodontist, Endodontist, Prothodontist, Pediatric Dentist, Oral Surgeon or Periodontist, we'd like to talk to you regarding your career and job search. And if you own or manage a dental practice and need to hire a dental specialist, please go the "Contact Us" page on our website, and submit your information to us. Again, my name is Tom Gallant and I'm a dental recruiter who places DDS' nationwide. Currently I'm seeking candidates to fill vacancies for dentist jobs available with clients in all over the United States, in both large metropolitan areas and in more rural locations. I'd like to talk to you If you're a dentist seeking employment or perhaps you're the manager or owner of a private dental practice and are finding it difficult to hire the right dentist for your office, in which case I'd REALLY like to speak with you. Please contact me regarding dentist jobs and unadvertised positions by submitting a contact form through this website. Also, another great way to stay ahead of the curve is to subscribe to my E-zine (Dental Employment Newsletter) right here below.

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