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Dentist Jobs NJ – Dentists, who says you can’t find a job in the most densely populated state in America? My name is Tom Gallant, Dental Executive Search Consultant. If you’re trying to find dentist jobs New Jersey can be a bit intimidating from all the other dentists who are practicing around the corner or literally across the hall from you. But don’t be discouraged by a high saturation rate of DDS and DMD practitioners. The reason that there are so many dentists in NJ is that there is a lot of opportunity, it’s a relatively affluent State, ad there are a large number of dentists who are of the baby-boomer generation who are reaching retirement age that will be looking to sell their practices and retire, or hire a partner or associate dentist.

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So you want to find dental employment in New Jersey... OK... WHAT EXIT? That's some Jersey humor. But seriously, finding a dentist job in NJ requires a well thought out plan, and it helps to have a dental recruiter who is based locally to assist you. There are a lot of entry-level candidates in New Jersey coming right out of dental school seeking employment. Your best bet for landing a job straight out of school is to talk to your professors and network through your residency programs to find entry-level dentist jobs where you’ll probably work for your first year or two.

Most of our clients hire us because they are independent dental practices who are looking to hire an experienced associate who has already at least two or three years or more experience working in general dentistry. These dental practitioners rely on us for being their eyes and ears during the selection, screening and recruitment process so they can focus on production.

If you are a dentist seeking employment in a New Jersey dental practice or looking to hire a dentist for your office, please submit a Dentist Jobs NJ – Contact Form and we will get back to you immediately to discuss your particular need. Currently in New Jersey, we have an ongoing need for:

* Pediatric dentists - Pedodontists

* Oral Surgeons

* Orthodontists

* Cosmetic Dentists

* Full time dentist jobs NJ

* Part time dentist positions in NJ

We look forward to discussing dental employment opportunities in New Jersey for dentists.