Dentists, Start Your Dentist Job Search With Us.

Are you starting your dentist job search or thinking about exploring dentist jobs that are available? We’d like to help. You can always perform a dentists job search online on a healthcare job board and apply online that way. We have a different approach. As dentist recruiters we look to attract and select dentists who are leaders in their fields and customize a plan of action for their job search requirements. partners with leading independently owned healthcare recruitment firms, and is networked with several hundred recruiters. While keeping your personal information confidential, we have the ability to network with other healthcare recruiters and exponentially open the doors to opportunities that you couldn’t identify if you personally marketed yourself to other dentists 24/7.

Seeking Dentistry Employment and Planning Your Dentist Job Search?

1. Are you looking for a position within an existing practice?

2. Are looking to purchase your own dental practice?

3. Are you seeking dentist job opportunities to become an Associate or Equity Partner in a dental practice?

4. Are you a dentist looking to retire and hire an associate or sell your practice and work part-time?

How soon are you looking to launch your dental job search? Do You have a plan?

I’d like to know and schedule a time when we can discuss the timing and details of your next career move. Finding the right dentist job opportunity is all about timing, synergy and the right fit. You’ve invested a lot in yourself to get to this point, and the right dentist recruiter can maximize the return of your personal investment. My name is Tom Gallant, Senior Dental Recruiting Specialist. My Executive Search Firm identifies, selects and places Dentists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Pediatric Dentists and Oral Surgeons in the United States. In general, I'm looking for Dentists who have earned their DDS or DMD degrees in the United States. Here are some of the places that have an elevated need to fill DDS job vacancies:

Juneau AK
Birmingham AL
Little Rock AR
Scottsdale, AZ
San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, CA
Denver, CO
Stamford, CT
Washington, DC
Dover, DE
Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, FL
Atlanta, Columbus GA Chicago, IL
Louisville KY
New Orleans LA
Boston, Springfield MA
Baltimore, MD
Minneapolis MN
Raleigh, NC,
Newark, Paterson NJ,
New York City, Albany, NY
Cleveland, OH
Portland OR
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh PA
Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Odessa, TX
Fairfax, Virginia Beach, Richmond, VA,
Tacoma, WA

Please contact me to discuss your dentist job search today.

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