Summertime is here. I sure some of you have been invited to a backyard BBQ, where your friends remind you that it's BYOB. Well, for some dentists, employers offering a "job" in our slowing economy are inviting them to their own backyard BBQ's but telling them they can have a job as long as they BYOP. (Bring Your Own Patients)

Dentist Jobs Podcast Volume #8 was just released to Apple iTunes this evening.

The title? You guessed it.... BYOP. You can listen and subscribe at no expense to the podcast even if you don't own an iPod or Mac. Go to the Feedburner link just below, there you can listen and subscribe and receive automatic updates, or go directly to Apple iTunes and look us up under Dentist Jobs.

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What Jobs are H-O- T currently?

1. Associate Dentist - Southern Indiana

2. Associate Dentists - Hartford, New Haven, Groton CT.

3. Associate Dentist - Pittsburgh. PA

4. Orthodontist, Pittsburgh, PA

5. Orthodontist, Philadelphia, PA

6. Associate Dentist, Philadelphia, PA

7. Associate Dentist, Ocala, FL

8. Associate Dentist, Dallas, TX

9. Associate Dentist, Ridgewood, NJ

10. Orthodontist, Bloomington, IN

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