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Dentist Jobs California...regardless of what the economy is doing, or what any of the folks in Sacramento are telling you, there is always going to be a great demand for dentists in the Republic of California. Sure, there are a large number of dental professionals in every major metropolitan area, but they all have the potential to do very well with an aging dental practitioner population. This means that in California dentist jobs are increasing in demand driven by the fact that you have more Dentists retiring than are coming into the job market. The recession or economic downturn is not having as big as an effect on the job market as is the shortage of dentists in driving the demand for qualified DDS and DMD candidates in California.

Dentist Jobs California: Dentists Wanted

As a recruitment firm focused in the placement of Dentists, we “work where the money is”, that is, we generally don’t accept job orders for part time dental positions. If your office has trouble finding a part-time dentist, we can help, but we add a lot more value to those dental practices that are busy and need to find an experienced associate or partner. We specialize in finding dental employment in Los Angeles and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for dentists seeking full-time positions. But, we are not limited to those two locations since we recruit on a national level.

If you are seeking California Dentist jobs, you may want to broaden your search a bit from the major metropolitan areas to the exterior suburbs (exburbs). These areas are experiencing the fastest growth and seeing more new practices open up as compared to the more heavily populated Californian metro areas. The urban and suburban trend is for dentists looking to open their own practice to purchase an office from a retiring practitioner rather than build a new practice from the ground - up.

Outlying suburbs generally have a much lower saturation ratio of dentists than offices in major population centers. The trick for dentists is finding qualified staff that want to commute a few extra miles per day or who actually live full time in theses communities. That's where we can provide the most assistance.

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We are very active in filling dentist jobs in both Southern and Northern California, particularly in Los Angeles and San Diego, San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, and Stockton. If you need to hire a dentist or are looking for dentist jobs California is a great place to practice dentistry. I encourage you to submit a Dentist Jobs California – Contact Form on this site, and I’ll be sure to get in touch with you immediately. Bilingual Spanish and English speaking dentists are always in strong demand. When you contact me, please mention in the "Comments" section that you are bilingual and provide your level of your language proficiency.

Incidentally, the “Welcome to California” sign photo seen above was taken by one of our dental recruiters on their way to California back in 1992.

California Dentists, I hope to hear from you soon!

Tom ;-)

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