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Recruits Dentists.

Dentist Jobs Now is a Dental Search firm that is specialized in recruiting dentists. The majority of dental recruiting firms staff the entire office. We focus on DDS jobs and DMD jobs. Recruiting dentists is our focus. The majority of people who land on our website are one of three categories:

1. Either they are dentists looking for a dental recruiting or for dental jobs.

2. They are dentists who are looking to hire or recruit other dentists and need assistance.

3. They are headhunters from other search firms poking around our website to figure out how we are doing this or looking for work themselves.

Job Seeking Dentists, we're more than a Dental Staffing Service...

One of the differences of Dentist Jobs Now is that it’s obvious to our visitors that this is a living and breathing website. Our site is constantly under development and is a work in progress. We are always adding new content, and visitors to our site know that this is a real Executive Search Firm for dentists, and not just some corporation where you have no idea who you will be dealing with from one day to the next. When you contact us regarding dentistry employment, you will be contacting a Principal of the firm. When you call us about your dental job search, you are calling a Principal Recruiter.

Talk to one of our dental recruiters about finding a dentist for your office.

Dentists and Dental Practice Owners who need specialized dental personnel find this dental search firm via professional referral or the way many find our niche dental medical staffing website, through the search engines.'s growth can be attributed to our business model which works incredibly well and allows us to operate with a lower overhead than many “brick and mortar” agencies. We work with our Dental Clients on a case by case basis, and find dental staffing solutions that work for virtually any dental practice. We have found that particularly those dental practices that operate in rural areas can benefit from our recruitment services. If you are a dentist looking to bring another dentist on-board, please contact us regarding on we can help you meet your dental recruitment objectives.

Or... Are you a Dental Recruiter?

If you are a recruiter working at a dental search firm and are interested in working for JobMedics as a virtual dentist recruitment consultant, please submit a contact form on this site and tell us specifically what you are looking for and why you’d like to work for one of the fastest growing dental search firms in the country.

Dentists who are looking for jobs in dentistry, dentists seeking to hire dentists, and dental recruiters looking to recruit with an industry leader… we’d like to hear from you. Employment seekers, contact your dental search firm here, and hiring executives, if you need to grow your professional staff by hiring a general dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon, pediatric dentist or prosthodontist, please contact Dental Recruiter Tom Gallant to discuss how we can help you with your immediate and long term dentist recruitment needs.