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If you’re seeking a dental recruiter because you are a dentist looking for a permanent position as an Associate Dentist, or a GP looking for a dentist to join your practice, you’ve landed on the right website. If you're searching for something other than jobs for dentists we're not going to be the right fit. JWe are a dental recruitment focused placement firm that specializes in the identification, selection and recruitment of dentists in the United States. Our dentist recruiting efforts are limited to dentists and specialists (DDS or DMD), and we do not staff or place hygienists or office staff. Ergo, we specialize in finding Dental Jobs exclusively for Dentists only.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The dentist recruitment services we provide are done on a contingency basis. For dentists seeking employment we do not charge a fee to place you. The placement fee is paid by your new employer only after you have been hired. General Practitioners, we want your business and we are confident in our ability to deliver results. Therefore if you hire us to find you a Dental Associate for your office, we only generate a placement fee if we produce a favorable result. We charge our clients a flat fee based upon your position description and search parameters. Talk to dental recruiter Tom Gallant. today about how we can help your growing office meet its hiring objectives. We’ll make the DDS hiring process as painless for you as your root canals are for your patients.

Dental Job Recruitment in a Recession?
Are You Kidding Me? Fill That Dental Job!

Working in the dental staffing profession I come across dentists on a daily basis who are looking for part-time dental employment. Of course I also talk to candidates seeking permanent positions, nut the majority of dentists who are looking to join a practice on a part-time basis, either one or two days per week are dentists who work in a practice who are slowing down and don't have enough work coming in to make it worthwhile to keep their doors open all week. Usually the first things that you put off when things are tight are expenses like car repair and going to see the dentist.

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