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Looking for DDS jobs anywhere in the United States? Are you a Doctor of Dental Surgery who has completed their Dental Residency and are seeking employment? We are a recruitment company that is specialized in the recruitment of dentists. Simply put, we're DDS employment headhunters, and if you're a dentist looking for a job, we hope that we're the firm that you'll choose when you're ready to make a move or to add a new doctor to your staff. Regardless of where you are seeking DDS position or looking to hire, Dentist Jobs wants to provide your practice with a dental staffing solution that effective, efficient and affordable.

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The majority of the clients we serve are Dental General Practitioners that own one or multiple offices, facilities, practices or clinics. Dentists who are either opening new locations that require dental staff (DDS/DMD)to grow their business, or dentists who are in the transition of selling their practices or preparing for retirement are the clients we can help the most.

Dentists who have at least 2 - 4 years experience who are looking for permanent / full-time DDS positions are also candidates that we can significantly help.

Rural DDS jobs:
Dentistry's Dirty Secret Exposed

So what's the dirty little secret in the dental employment marketplace? Are you ready? The secret we are exposing may shock you, but it's been proven by 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed... People in rural America have teeth too, even in West Virginia, and they all need dental care. Perhaps some of the greatest opportunities for dentists can be found on the "Roads Less Traveled." That is, if you are a dentist and are open to living outside of a major metropolitan area, or practicing in a community on the outskirts of a suburban metropolis, there are more DDS job opportunities nationwide than you can shake a stick at.

And don't be fooled by the perception that by working in a rural community, you'll be making less than in the big city. Just remember, not everyone wants to go to the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta Georgia. In fact, the majority of people for example are just looking for a cosmetic dentist in Georgia, and may be willing to take the drive to Athens, Columbus, Americus or even to Oglethorpe. If you're a cosmetic dentist Georgia offers a relatively low cost of living, and if you like the humidity and can "rough it" living outside of Atlanta will allow you to charge about the same fees you'd ask for in the city, but enjoy a lower cost of living and the ability to keep more of what you earn.

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